ItWorks Wraps Honest Review

My Honest Review on the ItWorks Wraps


So I’d been seeing these ItWorks wraps all over social media for some time now and even came across the before and after pictures; I was actually pretty impressed. However, I had been really skeptical about them because it seemed almost too good to be true that something as simple as a wrap can give you those results.

I gave them the cold shoulder and just went about my day every single time I came across them until one day someone contacted me on my Facebook fan page asking for me to try them out as a trade and I would provide them with images of my results. I agreed but never received the items and decided to just go about my business like before.

One day I looked in theDay1 mirror and realized I wasn’t entirely happy with myself, at
least around the midsection. I had always had a bit of “baby weight” as they call it, and it just never went away. I’m what people consider in society’s standards as “skinny fat”, thin but with a bit of excess fat. People always remark that I’m petite and skinny (too skinny in some remarks), or that I look great, but in my own mind I didn’t feel as great as they thought and even considered surgery to remove it at one point. You see, every other part of my body I was completely happy with except that stubborn midsection.

Sure working out and diet helps, I try, and very hard at that. The only problem downloadwith the workout part for me is that I suffer from Costochondritis (swelling of the rib cartilage that connects to the diaphragm), which can cause very, VERY uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable pain when enduring strenuous workouts that require me to use my core. So working out was almost impossible. My diet, however, has always been very clean, and probably has played a big part in maintaining my weight consistent, all I needed was to tone the belly and maintain it.

I remembered that I had seen these ItWorks wraps and figured, “Why not just give them a try?”.

After doing some research on them and trying to hunt down a distributor after a fallout with the last one never sending me the items, I decided to finally just go ahead and give them a shot. Besides, I get to try them and you all get to read this and see if it’s something you’d like to try out too! Win-win, yay!

I posted on my personal page that I was in search of a distributor for the wraps and a friend of mine referred me to Krystle Almazan

Immediately I contacted her and sent her a message stating I wanted to purchase a box set of 4 ItWorks wraps and how to go about it. Instantly, she was an absolute sweetheart and so informative, I knew I was referred to the right person at that point (thanks Daryl!).

Krystle guided me through the check out process and answered all of my questions and concerns with the purchase and asked that I contact her immediately when they arrive for further instruction. I agreed and the wraps were purchased with ease. (You need to purchase through a distributor to get a hold of them).

I paid for fast shipping because my desperation and excitement couldn’t be contained. A few days later, they were in my hands, so I contacted Krystle right away!


I needed to know these things before wrapping:

  • Shower with warm/hot water with no soap or lotion on the area you’re wrapping on before actually wrapping. If you do shower before you wrap, make sure you exfoliate with coarse sea salt to open up your pores.
  • Take Before Pictures.
  • Make sure you wrap with saran wrap over your ItWorks wrap to hold it in place.
  • The wrap can be worn 45minute MINIMUM to 8hours MAXIMUM.
  • Your wrap’s full results will be on the 3rd day after you remove it.
  • Once you wrap, you’ll have to make sure you drink plenty of water while you wear it or plenty of it during the day before you wrap at night if you decide to sleep in it.
  • After you wear your wrap you’ll have to drink twice your body weight in ounces of water (if you weigh 100-pounds, drink 50-ounces of water.)
  • Do not exercise when wearing a wrap, you want the lotion to absorb on your body.
  • Wait at least 1 to 2 days before exercising.

These precautions and preparations are essential to ensure you get maximum results from the wraps.

With that information branded in my mind, I showered before the wrap, dried up the section good, and finally opened up my first wrap and my journey began.

Wrap On                                                                       Saran Wrapped

The application process was interesting. I opened up the box, then the white little bags inside that contained the wraps. The wraps were folded very neatly and all I had to do was unfold them and place the lotion side against my body.

The wraps smelled minty-like, similar to icy-hot in a sense, but it was not bothersome to me because I’m use to that smell. You do get excess lotion on your hands when applying, but you’re suppose to rub any excess on the areas around your wrap to even out the smoothing effect.

After applying the wrap successfully with no problem, I just made sure to wrap myself in saran after, not too tight, and not too lose. Just perfect enough to hold the wrap in place in case you’re wandering around or sleeping with it on.

After this, I waited the 8 hours for my results and when the 8 hours were up, I woke up to this.


Can’t tell much of a difference can you? That’s okay! Remember, you have to wait for 3 days to see the maximum results, but I guarantee you that there IS a difference from what my belly looked like before, check out my 8hr difference!


See a difference now? GOOD!

I waited only 24hours to see the amazing results and it got better after that.


Above, you see my 8hr results in comparison to the 24hrs after. That’s with drinking twice my body weight in water in ounces and eating right. No exercise whatsoever. How cool is that!?

Now remember, I bought 4 of these puppies so this was only after 1 application. You can only imagine how excited I got after these results.

I waited the 3 days before doing my second one and repeated the steps with showering before, applying the wrap, wrapping myself with saran wrap, and then waiting the 8 hours.

The results were ridiculously awesome!


Waited again for 3 days and applied my 3rd wrap.

Then waited the 3 days again and finally applied my last and final 4th wrap where we would see and notice the biggest difference from where I was, to where I got.


Pretttyyyyy big difference if you ask me! My belly was definitely more firmed and toned. My sides slimmed down and I actually lost 3 whole inches after doing the wraps!!

Let’s just say I was very, VERY impressed that these little things worked so well. I was a huge skeptic, but after trying them out and seeing AND feeling the results they gave me, I’m EXTREMELY happy with myself now.

Pros: Your results.

Cons: Probably the application process. Although it didn’t bother me, the lotion getting on your hands and the icy-hot-like smell could probably be bothersome to others, definitely not a deal-breaker for the results you’ll be getting.

There is one BIG thing I do need to mention.

These wraps were designed to detox your fat cells, so eating right and exercising are crucial if you want to maintain your results and/or improve them! ESPECIALLY your water intake, that’s #1 for sure!

That means if you want your results to remain permanent, you have to, HAVE TO take care of what you put in your body when it comes to food and drinks. It’s like any workout plan really, if you want to reach a goal, except in this case you’re maintaining one.

This made me reach my goal on the belly section and has inspired me to keep pushing regardless of my costochondritis trying to hold me back from it.

I’ve got a very busy schedule working 50hr-60hr weeks, thankfully there’s a gym at work for me so the fitness part is no problem. I’m also pescatarian so my diet consists of greens and protein-rich foods. No matter your situation, if you need a boost of confidence, I definitely recommend these wraps.

I noticed these guys got a lot of  backlash with them “not working” on some people. Remember, every body is different and some react differently.

It also has a lot to do with how well you followed directions. Did you drink enough water? Did you leave it on for the maximum 8 hours instead of the 45 minutes? Did you avoid fatty, salty, sugary foods?

Also, I noticed Amazon and Ebay are trying to sell them. Technically you can only get them from distributors and the distributors are not allowed to sell on websites like Amazon, Ebay, etc.

Amazon Ebay

Chances are you could be buying expired or very dry wraps if purchased through there, DON’T DO IT! Just find a distributor you’re comfortable with and they can guide you.

I definitely recommend my distributor Krystle, she’s an absolute sweetheart and is always very attentive to your needs, questions, concerns, and keeps up with your progress. She genuinely cares about you and your own well-being and I’ll definitely continue to do business with her for any other ItWorks products.

If you wish to contact her, find her on Facebook or Instagram

I hope this review helps out any of you wondering if these actually work on anyone or if people have been scamming the pictures all along. I promise you they work and are well-worth the money. They changed my life and I feel more confident in clothes more now, thank you Krystle!


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